Every Monday between 09:00 and 13:00 you can bring clothing, footwear, bags and textiles to the Clothing Bank. There is no need to make an appointment for this. We have the following requirements for the clothes brought in:

  • Clean and dry
  • Not broken or worn (including missing buttons)
  • No sew-in, name or iron-on labels
  • Preferably contemporary/modern

Please hand in a plastic bag or garbage bag. Clothing, footwear and textiles (including blankets, comforter covers, towels and curtains) that are worn out or no longer fit in with the fashion can be handed in at the textile bins specially placed for this purpose in the municipality or at the waste disposal station in your municipality. We also do not take in underwear (we do take in bras), socks and pillows.

Visiting address: Galjoen 4, 1186 ZV, Amstelveen (Waardhuizen).